Town of Many Parks

Cinco Bayou has 4 beautiful parks within its half-mile square borders. See below for pictures, directions, and a quick description of each park. Any of the parks may be reserved for private use and must be reserved for commercial use. Details on park and facility rental within the Town are also provided below.

Map of Cinco Bayou's Parks

Map of Cinco Bayou's Parks

Winn-Davis Park Sign

Winn Davis Park stands as the home of Cinco Bayou's New Town Hall and abounds with majestic oaks, a manicured lawn, picnic tables upon the deck, and a spot to drop in a fishing line. Constructed in 1989, Town hall is a significant architectural asset to the community because of its neo-Georgian style that includes a strong contemporary influence. The interior features four columns that support an atrium design feature that accents the inverted ceilings and a four-sided windowed cupola. You can find Winn-Davis Park at the corner of Yacht Club Drive and Kidd Street.

On October 8, 2015, Daniel Laird from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection presented a check for $50,000 to the Town of Cinco Bayou for improvements to Winn Davis Park such as: picnic tables, handicap accessible ramp, dock, and re-paving of the parking lot. Some of the improvements are shown in the picture of the park below.

Mayor Jean Hood and Town Manager Keith Williams accepting the $50,000 FRDAP Grant from Mr. Daniel Laird of Florida Department of Environmental Protection

Mayor Hood and Town Manager Williams accepting the FRDAP Grant Check from Mr. Daniel Laird

Cinco Bayou Town Hall at Winn Davis Park

          Cinco Bayou Town Hall at Winn Davis Park

View of Cinco Bayou from Winn Davis Park

Cinco Bayou from Winn Davis Park - June 2017

Francis Park Sign

Francis Park is nestled under the umbrella of huge oak trees, surrounded by Kidd Bayou and Cinco Bayou with picnic tables scattered about for residents and locals alike to enjoy a tranquil moment during their day.

Francis Park with a view of Cinco Bayou

          Francis Park with a view of Cinco Bayou

Francis Park with a view of Kidd Bayou, photo by Lee Dupraw

Francis Park with a view of Kidd Bayou
Photo by Lee Dupraw




         Memorial for former councilwoman Carol Koch

    Memorial for former councilwoman Carol Koch

Francis Park on Arbor Day 2018

                Francis Park on Arbor Day 2018

Laguna Park Sign

Laguna Park is located on the east side of Eglin Parkway just south of the Cinco Bayou Bridge. With a view of the Cinco Bayou Bridge, this park features a pavilion, a grill and a quant beach area to spend time enjoying a cookout with family and friends.

A cannon at Laguna Park, photo by Lee Dupraw

                       A cannon at Laguna Park
                          Photo by Lee Dupraw

Laguna Park at night looking out over Cinco Bayou

Laguna Park at night looking out over Cinco Bayou
Photo by Kate Sievers

Glenwood Park Sign

Glenwood Park is found just south of Laguna Park on NE Opp Blvd. This hidden treasure is marked with a 641 ft. boardwalk and a 795 ft. nature trail featuring unique birds and wildlife, frequently sighted by members of the Audubon Society during their visits.

Glenwood Park uncharacteristically frozen over, February 2014

         Glenwood Park frozen over, February 2014
                           Photo by Kate Sievers

Glenwood Park's Boardwalk, photo by Lee Dupraw

Glenwood Park's boardwalk
Photo by Lee Durpaw


Park and Town Hall Facility Rental

Town Hall Community Room Fees. The Town shall levy fees for the rental of the Town Hall facilities for activities including, but not limited to meetings, luncheons, dinners, receptions, and specialty activities (card games, board games, etc.) for both commercial and noncommercial use.  The amount of the rental fee will be assessed, as follows:

Facility Rental $400.00 for a 5 hour time period plus an additional charge of $100.00 per hour or portion there of. 

Town Logo

For training sessions, seminars or other meetings primarily attended by elected and/or appointed government officials there will be no fee charged or deposit required, unless a registration fee is charged for the event.  In that event, a facility use fee of twenty-five ($25.00) dollars will be charged.

There will be no use fee charged for use by residents of the Town, however, a fifty ($50.00) dollars refundable cleaning deposit will be required to be used to cover Town expenses if the premises are not left clean and free of trash or debris after the event.


Non-profit organizations will be charged fifty ($50.00) dollars together with a refundable security deposit of fifty ($50.00) dollars unless a waiver is granted  by the Town Manager/Clerk.

Additionally, user will be required to pay twenty-five ($25.00) dollars per hour, per Town employee who is required to work other than normal hours of operation (8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday) and holidays.

Except as otherwise provided herein, a cleaning and security deposit will be required in the amount of two hundred ($200.00) dollars per event, whether or not concessions will be served and is refundable within five (5) business days after the event unless the Town is required to clean or repair the facilities or any Town property based upon factors deemed relevant by the Town Staff.

Group Activity Reservations

All applicants desiring to obtain a permit for the exclusive use of any portion of a park, will be required to pay a non-refundable permit fee of: (i) if the park is to remain open to the public during the event, $50.00 (per four (4) hour time block); or (ii) if the park is to be closed to the public during the use of the park, $100.00 (per four (4) hour time block).

Forms, Agreements, and Fee Schedule

Please contact Linda Barringer, Deputy Clerk at or call 850.833.3405 for the Park and Facility Fee Schedule.

The Application for Commercial Activity or Group Recreational Permit in a Town Park or Facility can be sent to you via email or fax.  Please email or call 850.833.3405, fax: 850.833.4160.

The Town Hall Use Agreement can be sent to you via email or contact  Linda Barringer at 850.833.3405.

All forms must be submitted for approval either in person at the Town Hall or via e-mail to the Town Manager or Deputy Clerk.

  • Permit/Reservation of Waiver of Fees
  •  Pursuant to Resolution 13-06 the Town shall establish an application for postponement, abatement, or deletions of recreational and park facilities fees
  • Applicant must meet all of the following criteria:
  • 1.    The applicant must be a Cinco Bayou-based Organization;

    2.    The organization should be predominately educational or charity-centered;

    3.    The organization must be able to demonstrate an inability to pay for the facility;

  • Procedure:

    1.    An organization seeking a waiver of fees must submit the following information to the Town Manager/Clerk at least two weeks prior to the event.

       a.    The name and address of the contact person representing the corporation, organization, or association sponsoring the activity, if any;

       b.   The applicant must be able to provide the Town, IRS documentation indicating that it is a non-profit group;

       c.   The specific days and hours for which the exemption is requested;

       d.    The part or portion thereof for which such exemption is requested;

       e.   An estimate of the anticipated attendance;

       f.   Any other information the Town Manager/Clerk shall request in consideration of the application for fee waiver.

  • The Town Manager/Clerk has the authority to approve or deny the waiver on a case by case basis